Moving from Vision to Action

Power of 32 Community Conversations took place in 32 counties in 4 states. Thousands of pages of data were collected from this ambitious grassroots effort one of the largest visioning projects ever undertaken. From this input, Issue Teams were formed to address ideas for change in six key categories of economy, education, environment, people and community, government, and transportation and infrastructure.

The Issue Teams considered best practices and researched current initiatives to develop aspirational yet achievable goals, policy options and projects to achieve the public vision of a thriving region by 2025. These goals were transformed into a regional agenda with 15 initiatives.

The Initiatives:

Create a Regional Venture Fund

Create a regional 'Early Stage Fund of Funds' to support start-ups, stimulate entrepreneurial environment, and create high quality jobs across diverse industries.

Create Better Sites for Business Growth in the Region

Launch a fund to assist development of high-quality sites, emphasizing redevelopment of brownfields, to support business relocations and expansions to the region.

Create a Regional STEAM Network

Improved academic achievement and mastery of 21st century skills (such as the abilities to deconstruct problems, think flexibly, and work with others to design solutions) through the cultivation of student creativity and inspired learning.

Match Education Programs to Jobs

Create a standardized and seamless career education system that coordinates curricula between high school and higher education, based on employer hiring needs and job qualifications in regional growth industries.

Promote Sustainable Use and Conservation of the Region’s Water

Create an Ohio River Headwaters Committee to promote policies and resources to protect our region's water, including with respect to diversions and withdrawals from the watershed.

Implement a Regional Air Quality Improvement Strategy

Develop a regional air quality improvement strategy and promote the coordination of efforts across the Power of 32 region.

Promote Economic Activity Based Upon Shale Gas

Develop a 3-state strategy to capitalize on “downstream” opportunities from shale gas by encouraging the development of manufacturing using chemical feed stocks derived from shale gas.

Create a Regional Energy Plan and Strategy

Design and deploy a process to create a regional Energy Plan and Strategy, beginning with establishing a regional energy baseline, to meet the region's energy needs while creating abundance in economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental quality.

Establish a Power of 32 Caucus

Develop strategic state and federal collaborations including the formation of a caucus of the region's representatives.

Develop a Government Best Practices Collaborative

Create a "Best Practices Bank" to share ideas and proven concepts to help governments be as cost-effective as possible.

Connect the Regional Trail System

Create a comprehensive regional trail network.

Maximize Use of Alternative Fuels

Maximize the transition to alternative fuels for all forms of transportation, prioritizing fleet vehicles and river tugs.

Increase Commerce Through Improved Freight Transportation

Develop and maintain a sustainable, multi-modal, interconnected freight transportation system that enables the region to compete globally.

Create a Real-time Traveler Information System

Create a regional traveler information system to provide real-time information to enable modal and route choices for people and freight.

Maximize Success at Competing for Funding: The Capture Team

The Capture Team was created to attract federal and philanthropic funding to the region and maximize regional success in identifying and competing for funding.