Create Better Sites for Business Growth in the Region


Launch a fund to assist development of high-quality sites, emphasizing redevelopment of brownfields, to support business relocations and expansions to the region.

Intended outcome:

Enhanced global competitiveness by attracting growing companies that provide high-quality jobs.


  • Due diligence team to evaluate potential of sites region-wide and create a marketing database.
  • All regional economic development entities agree to market the identified best regional sites.
  • Raise funds to invest in site preparation and development, focused on helping regional sites to attract external expansion and relocation opportunities to the region.
  • Fund redevelopment of brownfields in preference to green field expansion.

Lead Organization:

Regional Steering Committee/Allegheny Conference

"Despite the steep costs, there's a promising development on the site fund. Local government has gotten on board this project because it promises a fair and open way to identify the best sites and attract employers that will be big enough to hire regionally and have regional economic impact."

– Pat Getty, President, The Benedum Foundation

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