Create a Real-time Traveler Information System


Create a regional traveler information system to provide real-time information to enable modal and route choices for people and freight.

Intended outcome:

Travelers - by foot, bike, car, transit, truck, train, air, or other mode - can plan and execute trips based on real-time, region-wide information.


  • Connect the 511 systems being developed in the states to create an online trip planner.
  • Promote operational coordination of the myriad transit agencies within the region, with an eye toward information sharing and trip planning so that potential riders can understand where and how they can get from A to B by accessing more that one system.
  • Add other modes to leverage this resource as an organizing tool and principle with significant value to every corner of the region,

Lead Organization:

Carnegie Mellon University's Traffic21 Center

"I think it’s fair to say this (creating a real-time traveler information system) only happened because of Power of 32. It was a specific issue recommended. Nobody was taking the steps to do it; this was the push."

– Allen Biehler, Heinz School of Policy and Public Management and Executive Director, University Transportation Center

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