Create a Regional Energy Plan and Strategy


Design and deploy a process to create a regional Energy Plan and Strategy, beginning with establishing a regional energy baseline, to meet the region's energy needs while creating abundance in economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental quality.

Intended outcome:

Establish a plan, drive innovation, mitigate impacts, foster economic and community prosperity, measure progress and secure the region's place as a leader in forging a smart energy future.


  • Develop a fact-based, baseline regional assessment of energy flows to:
    • Establish a quantified and foundational understanding of energy production, use, and outcomes in the Power of 32 region
    • Provide a shared framework and basis for identifying region-specific energy issues, opportunities, and needs
    • Provide a macro level dataset to catalyze an inclusive stakeholder process to identify priorities to be addressed in a Regional Energy Plan & Strategy
    • Establish an initial baseline against which to track progress
  • Develop a leadership group to design, develop, and deploy a regional process to create a regional energy plan and strategy.
  • Conduct a kick-off event on December 11, 2014:
    Energy for the Power of 32: 32 Counties, 4 States, 1 Energy Future
    Establishing a baseline and catalyzing a regional energy plan and strategy

Lead Organization:

Regional Process led by 16 institutions (with staffing by Sustainable Pittsburgh):

  • Allegheny Conference on Community Development
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Scott Institute for Energy Innovation and Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research
  • Center for Energy, University of Pittsburgh
  • Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at the WVU College of Law
  • Center for Energy Policy and Management, Washington & Jefferson College
  • Duquesne MBA Sustainability Program
  • Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University
  • Green Building Alliance
  • Institute of Politics, University of Pittsburgh
  • Pennsylvania Environmental Council
  • Power of 32
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
  • Sustainable Pittsburgh
  • West Virginia University

"The baseline and the Energy for the Power of 32 event begin to create an awareness of the important role of regions as the most relevant a geography to address energy issues."

– Court Gould, Executive Director of Sustainable Pittsburgh, Power of 32 implementation committee.

Energy for the Power of 32: 32 Counties, 4 States, 1 Energy Future