Create a Regional STEAM Network


Improved academic achievement and mastery of 21st century skills (such as the abilities to deconstruct problems, think flexibly, and work with others to design solutions) through the cultivation of student creativity and inspired learning.

Intended outcome:

Creation of a regional network of teachers, university researchers, community-based organizations, artists, and commercial entertainment/educational technology experts, the objective of which is to advance best practices in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education in both formal and informal educational settings.


  • Expand the Kids+Creativity Network membership, professional development opportunities, and partnerships to include institutions in all Power of 32 counties in West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  • Provide an easily-accessible platform for promoting the most advanced practices in STEAM education.
  • Engage the Kids+Creativity Network to host regular conferences on STEAM education.
  • Assist school districts to adopt STEAM strategies and align them to state and national standards.

Lead Organization:

The Sprout Fund and Center for Creativity, Arts & Technology

"In a lot of ways, Power of 32 creates a more open network among businesses and non-profits, helping to establish an understanding in the region of a place we need to work together and cooperate for common goals."

– Ryan Coon, Program Officer, The Sprout Fund

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