Match Education Programs to Jobs


Create a standardized and seamless career education system that coordinates curricula between high school and higher education, based on employer hiring needs and job qualifications in regional growth industries.

Intended outcome:

Increased gainful employment across the region.


  • Leverage ShaleNet's central database of current and projected employment opportunities, standardized curricula aligned to industry requirements, and a job matching service.
  • Begin with the Energy Alliance which will adapt the ShaleNET model to other energy-related industries. Ultimately, the ShaleNet model could eliminate the geo-political impediments to training and hiring by any regional employer, regardless of industry sector.
  • Once a model is developed in the energy sector, it is anticipated that industries having regional workforce demand, like healthcare, can refine and adopt the model. 

Lead Organization:

Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh

"These (career) schools are absolutely critical to every type of opportunity for the region. I think of them as 'gateway institutions' because they're the gateway to bigger and better things. A significant percentage of their students will take the next steps to four-year degrees and graduate programs. Before you know it, that's the pipeline of leadership for the region."

– Nick Deluliis, President of CONSOL Energy Inc. and Co-Chair of the P32 Education team

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