Promote Sustainable Use and Conservation of the Region’s Water


Create an Ohio River Headwaters Committee to promote policies and resources to protect our region's water, including with respect to diversions and withdrawals from the watershed.

Intended outcome:

Sustainable use and conservation of the region's greatest asset - water.


  • Create an Ohio River Headwaters Resource Committee to work with ORSANCO to advance integrated water resources and water quality planning and management in the Ohio River headwaters. The Committee will advocate unique interests of the headwaters region regarding water issues including policies needed to regulate diversions and withdrawals from the basin of the Ohio River and its tributaries.
  • Develop funding assistance to increase regional capacity to engage in water resources management and policy development in order to expand integrated interstate water management.

Lead Organization:

Regional Headwaters Resource Committee

"There’s a renewed interest in water quantity and how it relates to climate change or the Marcellus Shale and how much water that uses, or exporting water to other parts of the country that aren’t quite as water rich. The Power of 32 has solidified the energy and concern over water quantity issues generated by groups like Sustainable Pittsburgh and the Water Economy Network."

– Deborah Lange, Executive Director, the Steinbrenner Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and Project Manager, Ohio Rivers Headwaters Resource Committee

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