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Feb 13, 2013 Pop City Media

Whatever happened to the Power of 32?

…Flash ahead to November 2011--exactly 156 community conversations in 32 counties later. That's when the Power of 32, the new regional visioning project charged with creating a shared vision for the four-state area, moved from vision to action by announcing the adoption of 14 initiatives in the areas of economy, education, environment, community and people, government, transportation and infrastructure.

Apr 1, 2012 Pittsburgh Quarterly

Forging the future: The power of an idea-working together-is driving the Power of 32

Imagine what might happen if western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, northern West Virginia and western Maryland joined forces to pursue economic development. The result would be a powerhouse boasting 4 million residents and a treasure trove of natural resources. With those assets, the mega-region, if you will, would function as a colossus of global commerce, a much more potent force than any of the states could be acting alone.

Jun 8, 2011 The Cumberland Times-News, Angie Brant

‘Community conversations’ in hand, Power of 32 leaders identify six major themes

The Power of 32 initiative is continuing to move forward to “create agendas that will result in actionable plans designed to positively impact” the lives of the 4.2 million residents in the target area of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The first phase of the process, completed last year, involved collecting public input in what were called “community conversations.”...

Jun 8, 2011 Washington Observer-Reporter

Constructive Ideas Will Strengthen Region

"It is 2025. What is it about our region that makes you most proud? What was the key to getting there?" These were the questions asked in 2010 of 3300 residents in 32 counties in 4 states that comprise the region in which we live...

May 18, 2011 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Anne Belser

32 Counties Seek Economic Cooperation

What do the populations of 32 counties in four states that form the headwaters of the Ohio River have in common? It turns out a lot. Twenty-five years after the collapse of the steel industry put the entire region into an economic slump, the residents have adopted a commitment...

Apr 20, 2011 The Cumberland Times-News, Angie Brant

Four Power of 32 states share similar vision for future

For the past year, individuals in 32 counties from four states have been sharing their thoughts and visions for the future. This groundbreaking, collaborative effort is called the Power of 32. The Power of 32 represents more than 4.2 million individuals in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. From June to November 2010, 156 “community conversations” were held in each of the 32 counties. More than 3,000 participants were asked...

Mar 28, 2011 By Jessica Borders Times West Virginian

Commitment to listening’ marks Power of 32 initiative

FAIRMONT — People in the area are highly engaged in the Power of 32 initiative and want to participate in creating a better future for the region. Power of 32, which went into full operations mode in January 2010, is the largest regional visioning project ever...

Mar 28, 2011 Daily American

Power of 32 is regional visioning

Somerset— People who attended the Power of 32 “Community Conversations” identified six key issues that affect daily living in this region. The issues are: economy, education, environment, governance, people/community/quality of life, and transportation/infrastructure. The Power of 32 is an initiative to create a shared vision for 32 counties in western...

Feb 2, 2011 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, by Anthony Todd Carlisle

A newsmaker you should know: He's expanding power of community

When asked what is important to him, Allen Kukovich, a man firmly grounded in family and community, doesn't hesitate with his answer: home. Mr. Kukovich, 63, feels a certain pride and satisfaction that his family has deep roots in Manor, Westmoreland County. He represented the county for...

Jan 3, 2011 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Welcome to Cleveburgh! Pittsburghers need to rethink their place in the world

Cleveburgh. To anyone who has survived the many cold slugfests pitting the Steelers against the Browns, this word may grate like fingernails pulled across a chalkboard. But chalkboards have seen their day. It may be time to realize that what separates Pittsburgh and Cleveland is more artificial than real. It may be time to talk about the once-...