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Mar 23, 2016 Education, People & Community

Remake Learning Council - A Strategic Focus on Innovative Learning

For close to 10 years, the Remake Learning Network has been a resource for the people, organizations, and ideas shaping the future of teaching and learning in the region. In that time, the network has grown from a grass roots effort to a network of 250 organizations and 3,000 educators and innovators across the Power of 32 region. With a broad range of programs and services being developed by network members, it became apparent that the network would benefit from a coordinated strategic focus.

Mar 23, 2016 Education, People & Community

Remake Learning Days - Celebrate Innovations in Learning

Remake Learning Days, being held May 9-15, 2016, is a week filled with events and activities designed for educators & innovators, children & families, and youth & teens, celebrating STEM, STEAM, maker and technology-enhanced learning across Southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Mar 23, 2016 Education

Remake Learning Playbook - A Model for Innovation

Through the efforts of the Remake Learning Network, learning is being "remade" throughout the region. Now, the Remake Learning Network has published a Playbook to help remake learning across America.

Created by The Sprout Fund as a digital and tangible product, the Playbook documents the process and outcomes of both the Pittsburgh region's efforts to create a community-wide learning innovation network and specific projects the network has catalyzed.

Mar 23, 2016 Economy, Education, People & Community

The Role of Innovative Learning in Workforce Development

The Power of 32 region has developed — and earned — a reputation for being a leader in innovative learning. There have been several successful programs launched that prepare todays' students to succeed in the future. And that's good, because according to a study initiated by the Carnegie Science Center, business leaders in the tristate region are counting on excellent innovative learning such as STEM education to develop the next generation of collaborative problem-solvers as a means of closing the large regional workforce gap of skilled workers.

Jan 19, 2016 Transportation & Infrastructure

Converting River Towboats to Natural Gas

Photo Credit: Susan Oliver

The Power of 32 Region is more and more frequently being recognized for its leadership role in a wide range of areas from STEAM education to regional trail development to real-time traveler information systems. Now, thanks to the efforts of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC) —a U.S. DOE-funded regional nonprofit that supports the conversion of vehicles to alternative fuels —the region is distinguishing itself as a national leader in the development and use of alternative fuels for the inland waterways.

Oct 29, 2015 Education, Government

Tri-State Shale Summit Spotlights Regional Cooperation

Keynote Speaker Nigel Hearne, President Chevron Appalachia Business Unit

The most recent initiative of Power of 32's shared vision for a thriving region is to promote economic activity based upon shale gas.

That initiative gained significant momentum at the recent Tri-State Shale Summit in Morgantown, W.V., on October 13, when Governor Earl Ray Tomblin of West Virginia, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor of Ohio and Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania signed a three-year agreement to enhance regional cooperation and job growth through the continuing development of shale gas in the Appalachian Basin. The agreement is built upon the understanding that ultimate prosperity flows to where value is added to a raw material, and that this region needs to maximize opportunities to develop modern manufacturing and other "downstream" activities related to shale gas.

Aug 19, 2015 Environment, People & Community

Working Together to Connect the Region’s Trails

Photo Credit: Mill Creek Metro Parks

In the fall of 2011, the Power of 32 regional visioning project identified initiatives to unlock the potential of the region and improve its future. A key initiative was to connect the regional trail system – to increase recreational opportunities, economic development related to trails, and a greater sense of regional connectedness.

Aug 19, 2015 Environment, People & Community

Grant to Expand Trail Town Program

The ultimate goal of The Progress Fund's Trail Town Program® is to establish corridors of revitalized communities by facilitating development of the 21 trail towns.

Jun 4, 2015 Economy, Government, Transportation & Infrastructure

Ready for Development: Power of 32 Site Development Fund to Capture Business Opportunities for the Region

Dennis Yablonsky, CEO, Allegheny Conference on Community Development

In 2010, the Power of 32 held 156 community conversations in 32 counties to create a shared vision for the region’s future. The outcome was a Regional Agenda, published late in 2011, outlining 15 initiatives. One of the key initiatives was to create better sites for business growth in the region. The goal was to launch a fund to assist development of high-quality sites, emphasizing redevelopment of brownfields, to support business relocations and expansions to the 32-county region. 

Today, that fund is a reality. 

On May 28, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, which led the effort to create the fund, announced the Power of 32 Site Development Fund LP, a new, nearly $49 million fund that will help close critical infrastructure financing gaps and move prepared sites to market more quickly.

The fund, established with the investment of 14 private sector investors and foundations, is built on the belief that successful business investment depends on all the strengths of the 32-county region regardless of geographic boundaries, and that an investment in real estate at any one location benefits the region as a whole.

Apr 29, 2015 Education

Preparing and Developing STEM Teachers

When asked how important it is to improve how STEM subjects are taught, Jeffrey Carver, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Science Education, College of Education and Human Services at West Virginia University (WVU), is quick to reply that it is extremely important.

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