City of Pittsburgh Honored for Educational Innovation

May 27, 2014 Education

The Power of 32 Education Initiative has been focused on the creation of a regional network of teachers, university researchers, community-based organizations, artists and commercial entertainment/educational technology experts to advance the best practices of STEAM. Leading the charge has been the Kids + Creativity Network, a P32 leadership organization.

Through the efforts of Kids + Creativity, the City of Pittsburgh recently received a 2014 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award (TDIA) for its innovation in education. TDIA credits the success of the city's creative initiatives in education to Kids + Creativity — a collaborative network of people, projects and organizations working together to remake learning in schools, libraries, museums, after school programs, community centers and online.

According to the TDIA website, Kids + Creativity members are building a model for collaboration to connect Pittsburgh's regional strengths in formal and informal education, learning research, and technology innovation to create a thriving ecosystem where learning happens anywhere and anytime for all children.

The TDIA Award — based on the studies of Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen — celebrates those whose ideas have broken the mold to create significant impact.

The award was accepted in New York, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, by Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, accompanied by The Grable Foundation's Gregg Behr, and Cathy Lewis Long, executive director of the Sprout Fund, which stewards the Pittsburgh Kids + Creativity Network.

"The award is great recognition for something that has been local, organic and collaborative —grown from a small informal group of like-minded individuals to a group of hundreds of active participants bringing innovative practices to children and youth in classrooms and in the community," says Ryan Coon, program officer at the Sprout Fund.

Read more at Remake Learning, the blog of the Pittsburgh Kids + Creativity Network.