Identifying Emission Sources that Impact Our Region

Apr 30, 2013 Environment

The Heinz Endowments, a P32 leadership organization, has been moving forward to develop a regional air quality improvement strategy.

As part of the initiative, the Heinz Endowments’ Breathe Project has recently added regional air quality data to its website.  The Breathe Project queried the regulatory bodies for each of the 4 states in the Power of 32 region and identified the top sources for air emissions and put them on an Emission Sources Map.

According to Caren Glotfelty, Senior Program Director for Environmental Projects at Heinz Endowments, the map provides a picture of where the air pollution might be coming from in our region, at least with respect to the largest emission sources. 

“As a public education tool,” says Glotfelty, “the map will help these communities pay more attention to the performance of local industrial and power plants, and how new proposed regulations — particularly at the federal level — might be affecting them.”

View the Emission Sources Map to explore the major stationary emission sources that impact our region.