Regional Charette on Real-Time Information System

Oct 24, 2012 Transportation & Infrastructure

A key initiative in Transportation & Infrastructure at P32 is to create a regional travel information system to provide real-time information to enable modal and route choices for people and freight and to enhance traffic movement and safety. Spearheading the initiative is Carnegie Mellon University's Traffic21.

On October 9-10, Traffic21 hosted a regional charette on the regional traveler information system. The charette was attended by representatives of the Departments of Transportation of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia; the Port Authority of Allegheny County; Beaver County Transit; the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission; and the City of Cumberland, among others; and experts in smart transportation representing the Bay Area MTC, the University of Maryland CATT Lab, Transcom, IBM, INRIX, GEWI North America and Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc. The charette was facilitated by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, which has the mission of advocating for technologies that improve the safety, security and efficiency of the nation's surface transportation system.

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