Sprout Fund Receives $500,000 Award to Launch Hive Learning Network

Feb 12, 2013 Education

The Power of 32’s Education initiative champions the cultivation of student creativity and inspired learning. So, it’s great news for the region that the MacArthur Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant to the Sprout Fund to establish the Pittsburgh Hive Learning Network. Hives advance the principles of Connected Learning, a framework for linking young people’s academic achievement, peer social networks, and personal interests so that they can learn “anytime, anywhere.”

The grant will enable Pittsburgh to develop a model for learning that expands the boundaries of learning beyond the single institution of the school and incorporates other important community institutions like museums, libraries, afterschool programs, and community centers.

The Sprout Fund, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization, will administer the Hive Learning Network and make grants to catalyze new connected learning projects and programs for tweens, teens, and young adults in the greater Pittsburgh region.

Pittsburgh is only the third city to receive MacArthur support to establish a Hive Learning Network; joining New York City and Chicago.

Read the news release from the Sprout Fund