Survey to Identify Funding Priorities for the P32 Region

Oct 29, 2013 Transportation & Infrastructure

Based on the original Power of 32 recommendations, the Capture Team was created to provide increased capacity asset to private, public, and non-profit organizations in the region. The Capture Team strives to develop and support funding initiatives in the region in a focused and impactful manner. Explore the Capture Team website and become a member at

In addition to increasing our capacity to compete for funding opportunities, the Capture Team's goal is also to increase our ability to proactively attract investment to the region. Currently, many organizations don't have the relationships or capacity to work with foundations and government agencies to encourage the development of programs that meet the overall needs of our region. The Capture Team's goal is to pull together regional assets to collaboratively attract large development opportunities focused on defined regional funding priorities, as well as assist in the development of programs that already address these priorities. However, the first step is having a clear vision of what our funding priorities are.

With this in mind, 5 initial funding priorities have been identified. They include Energy/Water, Workforce/Human Development, Transportation/Infrastructure, Food Systems and Land Use/Sustainable Communities. This list of possible priorities was developed through various conversations and meetings with Capture Team members. Although many Power of 32 partner organizations currently work in these sectors, a regional approach to funding will allow more collaborative opportunities and awards for the organizations and communities involved.

In order to prioritize the above funding areas, a survey has been created by the Capture Team to identify the most impactful funding program areas for the Power of 32 region. To access this survey, please click here. Once data has been collected and funding priorities identified, the Capture Team will facilitate meetings focused on these priorities in order to identify regional proactive funding strategies.

Your input is greatly appreciated and will assist the Capture Team in identifying the funding priorities that will have the greatest impact on our region. Thank you!